SMART Strategies has made a lasting impression on many lives. While Glenn works within companies to improve sales and customer services, he touches the hearts of the people who make up these companies and motivates each of them to reach new heights in personal and professional development. Following is a small sample of some of the feedback SMART Strategies has received from the team members he has helped motivate.


"Glenn's strategies are very detailed and well defined, making it easy for the team to properly execute them. We can attribute a 50% sales growth in the past year to Glenn's influence."
Francisco V. Viniegra, V.P. Marketing & Sales
Global Metals


"...both fun and motivational. I have received nothing but positive feedback..."
Nicole Austin
First Federal Bank of Roswell


"Your presentation was picked as the favorite event on many of the convention evaluations I received. We are recommending you to our national association. Thanks for helping make our convention a huge success!"
Lynn Clark, Executive Director
Texas Association of Rental Agencies, Inc.


"...In the six months that we worked together, our entire team grew personally and professionally into confident, committed, and successful sales people."
Matthew Seymore
Security Link from Ameritech


"...your delivery of the material was awesome! I will be in touch in the coming weeks, as we intend to implement many of the tools that you talked about over the two-day seminar."
David Martin, Vice President of Marketing
Fresno Grizzlies Baseball


"I want to thank you for sharing yourself with us as a human being. Your stories and anecdotes as they relate to not just our business lives, but our lives as family members and as members of society, have given us much food for thought and reflection."
Sergio Munoz, Director of Specialty Services
Sierra Providence Health Network (Tenet)


"Thank you very much for speaking (and yelling and jumping) at our was great!"
Michael Dvorak
Cinch Jeans & Shirts of Denver


"What you have taught our employees is absolutely priceless. Not only have you increased our occupancies and profitability, you have instilled a tremendous amount of self-confidence in our staff and management. The result of your work with our company has far exceeded my expectations. "
Eddie W. Karam
Gatekeeper Property Management

"Kris Yagel, of Smart Strategies, is a great Motivational Speaker. If you want to take your personal production to the next level - attend one of Kris' seminars."

Alan G. Bauer
President of Bauer Consulting Group, Inc.

"Great speaker, great attitude and also made the training fun.
Mauricio Martinez"
The Mattress Firm

Great presenter. Great stories. Also made relevant use of personal experiences.
Martez Sims
Executive Performance Consultant, Dale Carnegie Training