At SMART Strategies, training is customized for your specific business needs. After careful evaluation, we help your company create a vision and provide you with the tools to achieve it. The following available services are part of our enlightened, step-by-step strategy to raise a company’s level of performance.

The first step to developing a better business is creating a vision for your company and yourself. We work with your management and staff to help you evaluate your business and decide where you are, where you want to be, and the best way to get there.

Because our goal is to help you build your business, we use our training and motivation techniques with your internal staff at all infrastructure levels. Our in-house training empowers your employees to better serve a greater number of customers and to improve upon their interpersonal skills.

We make customer satisfaction a priority by setting up a Customer Care Department which will help you evaluate your performance and meet the individual needs of your customers. We also help you establish long-term relationships with your clients by maximizing the customer feedback, which is imperative to creating a successful business.

Feedback from your customers is a vital tool, and many companies are not equipped to use it. A lead-tracking system lets you see what motivates your customers and what your company can do to better serve them. We help develop lead-tracking systems that give you the opportunity to learn–from the customer's point of view–what works and what does not.

We work with you to develop programs that show your customers how valuable they are to your business. Our customer appreciation and retention programs elicit customer opinions, suggestions, and comments, and we help you use this information to improve your business and expand your opportunities.

We teach sales teams the most effective way to cultivate customers for life. We give team members the tools they need to gain–and keep– the trust and confidence of their customers. We focus on the essential elements of a successful sale, such as presentation, perception, probing skills, and presenting the features, advantages, and benefits of their product or service. And we continually teach sales teams to focus on the intent of their actions.

We teach all of our clients that to be successful in any business, you must demonstrate an enthusiasm and passion for your product or service. Enthusiasm is contagious, and it inspires people to listen better, think longer, and have a more positive attitude. Passion is what makes your product or service better, faster, more effective, or more beneficial for your customer.

A good presentation is key when you are working to get customers to realize that your product or service is exactly what they need. We show you how to sharpen your presentation skills through understanding everything your company has to offer.

Glenn Gelabert is one of the Southwest's leading sales motivators. Since he founded his company, hundreds of businesses have benefited from his powerful message, backed with persuasive concepts, personal anecdotes and time-tested truths. The results have been higher profits, motivated teams, and clearer communication. Glenn's message will lift you up and help you overcome fear and procrastination.