“You have been wonderful for Tres Mariposas. Your enthusiasm and positive approach, combined with solid sales strategies and techniques, have made a huge difference here. You are truly an encourager of the people, and nothing could possibly be better than that for contributing to the success of an organization.”
Nan Napier, President
Tres Mariposas


“These seminars have improved all areas of my personal and professional life as I have internalized the lessons Glenn has taught. I feel that my communication skills have improved and I am hungry for new challenges related to sales opportunities, problem solving, and a management position. I am a better employee for attending these sessions.”
Terrie L. Bolt, BSN, RN
Sierra Providence Health Network


“What you have taught our employees is absolutely priceless. Not only have you increased our occupancies and profitability, you have instilled a tremendous amount of self-confidence in our staff and management. The result of your work with our company has far exceeded my expectations.”
Eddie W. Karam
Gatekeeper Property Management


“…participants considered your program overall to be ‘excellent’, the highest evaluation rating! We felt the program was very motivational and enjoyable, and should be shared with all employees. We are requesting more of Glenn Gelabert and SMART Strategies.”
Nancy Nordell, R.D., L.D.
El Paso Independent School District